MTNL Mumbai doubles speed of Broadband unlimited plans

TribandMTNL has doubled the speed of Broadband unlimited plans it offers in Mumbai circle. This will enable MTNL to attract more customers. Presently MTNL’s Broadband market share is around 39% which is highest among its competitor ISPs.


Plan Download Speed Monthly Rent Annual Rent
Trib Unlimited 512Kbps 512 Kbps Rs.999/- Rs.10,989/-
Trib UnlimitedĀ 1Mbps 1 Mbps Rs.1599/- Rs.17,589/-
Trib Unlimited 2 Mbps 2Mbps Rs.3999/- Rs.43,989/-
Trib Unlimited 4 Mbps 4Mbps Rs.9999/- Rs.1,09,989/-

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