MTNL Mumbai introducing 4Mbps for Broadband customers


State owned telecom PSU MTNL has now launched broadband at higher speeds of 4Mbps for its Mumbai subscribers. Earlier the highest speed offered was 2Mbps. They have introduced two new plans under this speed. First plan is being offered with a monthly rental of Rs 1499 and 8 GB free download. Additional download usage will be charged at 70p/MB.Second plan under 4Mbps is Unlimited plan which is being offered at a monthly rental of Rs 9999. This will catch the attention of corporate and SME segments which require higher speeds. Another benefit which persist with MTNL vis a vis other operators is that MTNL is not charging for uploading which is being charged by other operators. Consumers evolved mostly with uploads will find this benefit cost effective and help them in cutting their broadband bills to some extent.

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