Aircel Delhi makes local Aircel-Aircel calls @10p

Aircel Delhi has launched a new Tariff voucher of Rs.60 with a view to attract new customers. This tariff voucher has the validity of 30 days and works as rate cutter.The details are as given below:

MRP (Rs.) Talkvalue (Rs.) Validity (Days) Special Benefits for 30 days (Rs./min)
60 0 30 Local
7 AM to 11 PM
Aircel to Aircel : 0.20
to Other Mobile : 0.40
to Landline : 0.40

11 PM to  7 AM
Aircel to Aircel : 0.10
to Other Mobile : 0.40
to Landline : 0.40

All STD@ 0.60

With this voucher Aircel prepaid customers will be able to call at 10p/min and 20p/min on local Aircel network at different times of the day,while other local and STD calls are at 40p and 60p/min respectively.It’s to be seen how customers react to this new tariff voucher in a market swayed away by per second billing phenomenon.This is surely better plan for customer making longer duration calls as in that case per second calls become expensive especially local calls.

Aircel has 6.46 lac customers in Delhi circle and  and with this offer trying to attract more new customers. With this plan Aircel to Aircel call rates are quite cheaper but for a customer probability of calling to a Aircel number is very low given there subscriber base of 6.46 lac.

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