Idea Cellular’s new campaign ” Use Mobile , Save paper”

We all have been influenced by the campaigns of Idea cellular, which always carries some social message.We have seen it in its previous campaigns based on the theme like “Education for all” ,particpative government and Walk when you talk campaigns. This time around,Idea cellular comes up with a new campaign based on the theme of Use Mobile ,Save paper.

This campaign aims at educating people to use mobile for doing many day to day transactions which involve use of papers.This campaign is about the Mobile Value added services on offer which can be utilized by subscribers for his convenience.The creative tries to create emotional appeal by suggesting people that by doing this they can contribute towards environmental cause which is these days a matter of worry.

The new Idea TV commercial showcases how the mobile phone can be used as an efficient tool to read daily newspapers, generate e-bills, make payments and transactions, issue e-tickets and boarding passes; thereby saving tonnes of paper everyday

‘Environment’ as a subject touches all, but gets attention only at strategic forums,” says Pradeep Shrivastava, chief marketing officer, Idea Cellular. “The common man gets to contribute little towards the cause, due to lack of direction and ideas. Hence, Idea Cellular has taken up the responsibility of educating the 500 million mobile phone users in the country. If they start using the mobile phone more judiciously, together we can make a significant contribution of saving paper, and therefore, the green cover necessary for the health of the planet.”

The new campaign from Idea abides by the essential brand promise of providing a simple, fresh and imaginative solution to a complex environmental problem. Watch the advertisement ….

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