Talk @ 1p / 3 sec with Vodafone Andhra Pradesh

Vodafone has introduced slew of prepaid offers for its prepaid customers at the inception of New Year in Andhra Pradesh. Till now 1 paisa per 2 seconds was considered to be the lowest call rates in telecom, but now Vodafone has taken a step forward by offering call rates of 1paisa for 3 seconds in its newly launched Friends and family Pack. With this pack prepaid customers of

Vodafone Andhra Pradesh can talk to one family and friends number at 1p/ 3 sec The cost of the pack is Rs 21 and validity is 30 days. Although this pulse rate relates to 20p/min which is already being offered through different friend and family plans and CUG, it is another way of offering the same service with different coupon.

Other new launches in this circle by Vodafone are First recharge coupon of Rs 31 and First recharge coupon of Rs .37 for per second plan and per minute plans respectively.

First Recharge Coupon of Rs 31; Talktime : Nil, Validity : Lifetime , All

local & STD at 1p/sec, Tariff validity: 12 months

First Recharge coupon of Rs 37. Talktime- nil, All local call – 50p/min and STD – Rs 1.50/min. Tariff validity 12 months

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