BSNL Offers Summer Training & Internship In Telecom

One of the headache for Engineering students is to fix the summer internship at the end of the third year of course.Some colleges assist students and arrange the summer internship on their own but their are many which can’t arrange it for all students.The students start talking to all friends ,relatives etc. requesting them to arrange their summer internship in any organisation.This sometimes is big headache for students.

BSNL Chennai,extends help to such students and offers 4 to 6 weeks Summer training programme from its state of the art training center RTTC in Chennai.The internship training programme gives an overview to the range of telecommunication technologies.The course is customized to give students exposure to working telecom equipments live deployed at BSNL chennai.The course includes visit to various telephone exchanges,mobile towers,RF planning and exposure to various systems at RTTC chennai lab.The Course content includes PCM principles,Broadband technology,introduction to digital switches,GSM/CDMA mobile communication,Fibre Optic technology,IN & Networking technology.

Duration of course: 4/6 weeks or more

Course fee: Rs.4000 + Taxes extra for first 4 weeks and then Rs. 1000/week for any additional week.

Batch capacity:20

BSNL offers some other short duration inplant training and industrial visits.The duration of inplant training is 5 days and that of industrial visit is 1 day.

These courses have been designed to generate some revenue from the state of art training centres which BSNL has  and are not being utilized to the full capacity.

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