BSNL / MTNL 3G Data Card Troubleshooting Guide

If you are using BSNL or MTNL 3G data card and stuck up somewhere, then it’s very difficult to get a solution as the customer care doesn’t give right solution because may they are not equipped with troubleshooting information.And if you try to get solution from the service center in your area ,then chances are that you will have to run from pillar to post without getting solution.

But if you leave the customer service and troubleshooting part aside ,the service is really very good as the 3G download speed is amazing.You would certainly love to surf on 3G and also no other operator is offering 3G so far so you do not have any other option too.

BSNL and MTNL are offering 3G data card by bundling the 3G SIM with the data card device of Terracom,iLemon,Micromax,Capital and huawei . Data cards are available in the range of Rs.1800 to Rs.2500 and come with huge amount of free data.For example terracom data card of MTNL has 20 GB free data usage which can be used for a period of two months.

So if you are using 3G data card of BSNL or MTNL and finding some problem in getting connected then below is some troubleshooting tips which can be of some help.

If you have just purchased:

1. The SIM which you get from service center normally takes some time in activation at their end. So first make sure your SIM is activated by MTNL /BSNL and then make  a call to make  complete the activation process. Also make sure that SIM is placed in the data card in the correct position. 

2. Normally Data card drivers gets automatically installed the moment you connect it to your PC but sometimes due to virus or other modem drivers in the PC it may not get installed easily. So first make sure your PC does not have any virus and also uninstall other modem drivers like Tata Photon/Airtel data card modem etc. and then restart your PC  and then try installing the data card. 

However on MAC OS it is sometimes  slightly more problematic .For proper installation process on Mac  please click here . For complete installation process on Windows 8 please click here

3. Now once the data card drivers are installed then go to Connection to select the proper profile where APN is provided. In most of the cases old APNs are inbuilt so you will be required to make a new profile with new APN. For that go to Connection and click on Add to make a new profile. Under profile name type MTNL. In Number menu type *99#. Leave user name and password blank. Then type under APN menu. Save this profile and click on ‘Set Default’ button.

teracom 5

4. Now go to Network button and select UMTS/HSDPA so that you constantly get 3G network but if you are using data card while moving then we suggest for Automatic so that you will get 2G speed in non-3G areas and your connectivity is not affected.

The above steps may appear to be complicated so it’s better to get clear idea of everything at point of purchase.

But once when your data card starts getting connected then service is very good. It hardly takes seconds to get connected and speed too is good.overall it’s very  convenient to use.

If you are old customer and have been using it for sometime:

If you have been using it for some time and suddenly you find it difficult to connect then  try few things:

1. See whether your PC is able to detect the data card device and SIM,  if not then there may be one of the following reasons:

i.) Virus in PC

ii.) Data card connector or USB port  may have gone faulty. Try data card in other PC and USB port to identify this problem.

iii). SIM may not be properly inserted or might have been damaged

2. See whether correct settings  are selected

3. Sometimes even when you are getting 3G network you may not get connected.In that case try to connect with 2G network. For that   go to network selection in driver interface and select 2G /GSM network only and then connect.Many atimes when 3G network doesn’t work you get connected to 2G network.This is an standby option.

Try above steps and may be you can troubleshoot.

Dear readers if you have some other troubleshooting tips the please share it with us for the benefit of other users. Please mail ur your suggestions and feedback at

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