Virgin Music Unlimited Vs Ovi Music Unlimited

Virgin Mobile has launched free music unlimited plan for its music loving youth segment and it touts it to be India’s first and pathbreaking plan.With this service customers can download unlimited number of songs for free from music library which is quite diverse and massive.The USP of the plan is that the song downloads are legal as the company has DRM license for all.So the customers would have feeling that they are not listening to pirated songs.But the catch is one will have to pay 10p/sec for dialing to short code 586865 through which songs can be downloaded.This seems to be too expensive as for a 3 minute song download one will have to pay Rs.18.So it’s quite unlikely that college going youth will pay Rs.18 for a song.

Contrary to this there is another better way to download free  legal music content and that too without paying any hefty call charges.Nokia customers owning select mobile handsets can access Nokia’s music unlimited which gives access to the massive music library. Nokia is offering this service absolutely free without any catch(except data download charge).Another good thing is there are two ways music can be downloaded.One on PC and other on the registered mobile handset.So one can download the music on the pc which have cheaper broadband connection and then can transfer it to Mobile handset.So one can save on expensive GPRS data charges too.Once downloaded the content can be legally kept for a period of three years.

What’s good in Ovi Music unlimited:

  • massive library comprising of millions of songs
  • can be downloaded on PC or Mobile
  • On pc data download charges will be cheaper if being used regular broadband connection as GPRS is costlier .
  • Legal content
  • Music can be kept legally for a period of three years

And what’s bad:

  • Can be used/downloaded only on the registered PC/mobile

What’s is good in Virgin Music unlimited:

  • More diverse content
  • CRBT,ringtones of songs to available
  • once downloaded can be transfered to other mobile handsets too.

What’s bad:

  • Call charges to Short code 586865 is 10p/sec which is too costly

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