S Tel Brings Bonus Plus offer in Odissa and Himanchal Pradesh

S Tel brings in Bonus Plus offer for its 7 lakh customers in Odissa and Himanchal Pradesh.With this offer S Tel customers get bonus talktime every time they e top up their account. S Tel claims that Bonus plus is the  first of its kind offered in the country with an exciting proposition which drives the concept of recharge more, gain more with every single etop up.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Shamik Das, CEO, S Tel said, ‘Bonus Plus’ is a one of a kind offering, another innovation from S Tel , that has never been seen before in the telecom market in India and is line with our efforts to align our products according to the needs of our customers. It is a step forward for the company from having pioneered bulk minutes tariff in the country and having introduced unique offerings such as the ‘Talk Today, Free Tomorrow’ or ‘Passport pack’ as well. The ‘Bonus Plus’ plan is another ‘First’ in the telecom offerings from S Tel to all our valued customers. Infact, the more number of times our customers recharge, the more benefits they gain through Bonus Plus.”

Mr. Raj Kumar, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, S Tel commented, “Starting from today, S Tel customers will enjoy bonus talk time each time they get e top ups. The value of the bonuses range from 5% to 15% of the etop ups value with each recharge during the month offering progressively more talk time. This unique offering is tailored to award more talk time to all our customers who recharge with us more often.”

In line with our continued efforts to be a simple and transparent brand that endeavors to uncomplicate the lives of mobile users, S Tel customers will receive intimation/confirmation through SMS immediately post each etop ups, stating the bonus talk time earned and the bonus % they can avail on the next recharge before the end of the month.” he further added

Bonus Plus

Frequency of Recharge Bonus Talk Time (% on MRP)
1st recharge 5% more
2nd recharge 7.5 % more
3rd recharge 10% more
4th recharge 12.5% more
5th recharge 15 % more

S Tel offers a bouquet of competitively priced VAS services on, SMS, Voice and Data platform. Its premium SMS alerts come at just Re.         1 / SMS. The company has plans to launch GPRS services in its circles shortly. Customers now also have the option to subscribe to     different SMS Subscription Alerts for Cricket, Jokes, and News at just Rs. 15 per month. Consumers can also access voice portal services     focused on mobile education, exam results, government jobs, etc at this same price point.  Now S Tel subscribers can also listen to non-        stop music on S Tel Apni Dhun, mobile radio service with song dedication, ringtone download option. S Tel is shortly going to introduce         Subscription Based Services on IVR which will provide customers unlimited access to Mobile Radio.

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