Tata Indicom Higlights Credentials To Lure customers Post MNP

Tata Indicom too has launched MNP section on its website with the aim  of educating customers about MNP and highlighting the reasons why one should switch to Tata Indicom. MNP (Mobile number portability) allows a customer to switch from GSM to GSM or GSM to CDMA networks  or vice versa and thus the GSM customers can switch to Tata Indicom’s CDMA network and still can retain the same number.

How to Switch to Tata Indicom:

  1. Send SMS “PORT” to 1900 from your mobile phone to get “Unique Porting Code” from existing operator
  2. Fill in Tata Indicom CAF (customer acquisition form) and porting form mentioning the Porting code at any Tata Outlet.

Why You should switch to Tata Indicom:

While Tata Docomo & BSNL decided to offer freebies to entice customers to switch to their network, Tata Indicom talks about non monetary benefits like network quality, attentive customer care & service to lure customers.

Here are the reasons (as put forward by Tata Indicom) why one should switch to Tata Indicom:

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