BSNL and MTNL Teracom 3G data Card Troubleshooting

BSNL & MTNL are offering 3G data cards of Teracom ltd . If you are also using this 3G data card,here are some tips which can be handy if you are facing some issues with it.

Some of the problems which a customer may face and the possible solution for these are:

Data Card Device not detected as Modem – “No Device” message

Sometimes it may happen that the device is not detected as modem rather detected as USB mass storage device.  In this case data card software window leaves the message ” No Device”.  This happens because the Ericsson chipset inside the data card doesn’t  work with already installed software of Qualcom chipset data card and vice versa. Thus one gets the message ” No device”.

Solution for Data Card “No Device” Problem

The solution is always install the new data card software by uninstalling the previously available software. Follow steps below.

  • Remove data card from PC or Laptop.
  • Uninstall previously installed data card driver.
  • Restart your PC or Laptop.
  • Insert data card and install drivers again. Now test data card connectivity, it should work.
  • If problem still persists, then update you antivirus and scan your PC or Laptop.

Audio Driver of PC disabled after using data card

Sometime s after using the 3G data card the audio driver of the PC gets disabled and the users complain about speaker system not working after using the 3G data card.

Solution:   After installing the driver of data card, enable the audio driver of laptop/PC from data card user interface from settings> Audio device. This should be done everytime the software is uninstalled and then installed.

Data card not compatible with Windows OS-7

The data card software doesn’t get installed automatically in windows OS-7 as it happens in other OS.

Solution : In such cases, the driver can be installed manually from My computer > BSNL 3G modem .

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