How to install BSNL and MTNL 3G Data Card on MAC OS

Installing 3G data cards from BSNL and MTNL is a cakewalk for Windows operating systems but when it comes to Mac OS it will require some work to do as some manual setting needs to be done. Given the track record of BSNL and MTNL customer care you will have to run from post to pillar or make several calls to call centre to make your newly bought 3G data card run on your MacBook. So we are going to make your task easier by giving you complete process of installing 3G data cards on your Macbook.

For running 3G or GPRS on any mobile handset or data card always make yourself aware of manual settings comprising of Access Point Name, user name , password and dial number. In most of the cases user name and password will not be required.

How to install 3G data card on MAC OS

1) Once you insert 3G card in the USB slot, a CD icon appears on your desktop.

2) Click on the CD icon and a directory named Mac will appear. Drag/Paste the Mac directory on your desktop. Most common mistake that people commit is that they directly run the software from the CD icon without pasting the Mac directory on their desktop

3) Now run the driver software from the Mac directory and finish the installation. To verify proper installation has been done go to Applications and check if 3G icon has appeared with MTNL/BSNL 3G written under it. When you run the software without pasting the Mac directory you will see Uninstall mentioned below 3G icon in Applications which means proper installation has not been done.

4) Click on the 3G icon and manually mention the following text for respective fields and select option as shown in the pictures given below . Once this is done click connect

BSNL Data Card Settings for MAC OS


Telephone Number:*99#

APN: bsnlnet.

Leave the Account Name and password blank.

MTNL Data Card Settings for MAC OS

Description:MTNL,  Telephone Number:*99#,


Account Name:<blank>






On the same interface  select  3G Only option as shown so that it selects only 3G network.

In some cases you may be required following settings as well

Go to System Preferences > Network and use the information given above as shown below


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