Using a Windows Phone 7, choose your 3G data plan carefully

Microsoft’s Windows OS mainly famous for downloading huge updates. You may not even notice unwanted data usage from your 3G or Broadband Account unless you get your bill or check prepaid account balance. Few blogs taking it seriously and are writing on this issue. Windows Phone 7 users are reporting idle data usage of 3-5 MB per hour from their WP7 device. Some users have reported that data usage has been noticed even if they are using wifi network for which they have set priority.  Microsoft support answers the query giving following clues which users conform as considerable solution to the idle data usage problem.

  • Device’s setting may be enabled with option to use data plan for updates or sending feedback to Microsoft. However, this is not enabled by default.
  • Wifi can drop connection or can be switched-off when the phone goes into power-save mode. To enable your device to exclusively use Wi-Fi you may change setting, to do so, go to Settings – system – cellular – Data connection.

Read Paul Thurrott’s blog for Windows Phone 7 data usage.

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