Videocon Mobile Teaser Ad ‘Bye-Bye 1p/Sec’

Videocon Mobile is planning  to bring  tumult in telecom industry, as suggests its teaser ad ‘Bye-Bye 1p/sec  ‘. The teaser ad currently shared at facebook makes a bold statement, as it says that per second tariff is no more, because Videocon mobile is bringing something better than that.

Per second tariff concept was brought to fore by Tata Docomo when they launched their services in 2009. This second based pricing unfolded great Indian telecom tariff war and affected the bottomline of almost all the operators. Consumers are happy lot as they are now able to talk more in the same budget.

As if it was not sufficient ,Videcon Mobile claims to go beyond that, as it says bye-bye to per second pricing. The ad suggests that they are going to bring something better than that.The company has developed a microsite to promote and engage the customers with url . At this microsite it invites people to pay their condolensces to 1p/sec and to guess what will follow it.

Will it be something worth or just a bold claim?

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