Talk @ Zero P/Sec : Videocon Mobiles Throws in New Jargon

Videocon Mobiles, one of the new entrants in Indian mobile services industry, has been bidding adieu to 1p/sec tariff with its By-Bye 1p/sec campaign. The teaser ad with fun element of ‘may your soul rest in peace ‘(indicating the demise of 1p/sec tariff) announced that Videocon mobile is bringing something revolutionary which will change the telecom tariff landscape.

Now it’s revealed that, the new jargon called “Zero paisa/Sec” has been added to telecom lexicon. This “zero paisa ” attracts the attention and builds huge excitement but in reality its not that huge as the name suggests.

Videocon has actually bundled some free minutes (own network & other network) for long duration (6 months & 1 year) with few of the handsets without charging anything for that. This bundled free minutes offer has been christened as “Zero paisa/Sec “. In other words free minutes are being taken as Zero paisa/Sec.

This move is more of a discovery of new jargon than anything else because every other operator has one or other free offers. What Videocon has done is coined a new term for the same. But the good thing is that there is no hidden condition or anything like that and the validity periods are sufficiently long.

Currently the Talk @Zero p/sec offer is available with  7 videocon mobile handsets. Details are as given below:

1.  10 mins local calls to any network Free DAILY for 6 months:  This offer is available with  V202 and V1292 models

2. 10 Mins Local calls to any network FREE DAILY for 1 Year: With  V1404, V1428, V 1676

3.  30 mins Local calls to any network FREE DAILY for 1 Year + Unlimited calls to Videocon Local Numbers FREE DAILY for 1 Year :   This offer is with High end Android Models V7400 & V7500 (Zeus)

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