Tata Photon eying to rope in enterprise customers ahead of 3G takeoff

Tata Photon ,the wireless high speed data card brand from Tata Indicom family has successfully established itself as the category leader. So far this brand has been coming as the first choice in the consideration list of the buyers. Other brands in the same category and based on same technology like Reliance netconnect and MTS followed Tata Photon in terms of popularity. This fact gets reflected in numbers too. So far it has ruled the market in an almost unchallenged manner. BSNL and MTNL 3G data card couldn’t give much of challenge too.



But now in the current scenario, where many of the operators have already launched their 3G services and 3G data card is slated to take off, Tata photon will witness challenge. Tata Photon realizes this fact and thus is eying to rope in as many corporate and government companies as possible. Few days back the company has announced the collaboration with Jet Airways for offering data cards at discounted rate for its Jet privilege customers. The company is also advertising heavily in digital media to attract corporate and government customers. The underlying reason behind targeting such segments is that these segments are high of ARPU , normally stay for longer duration with a brand and large number of connection sale.

Fate of EVDO data cards, once 3G data cards become prevalent:

Once 3G data cards become prevalent and the competition drags down the tariff to a reasonable level , EVDO data cards would loose the sheen  because of the reason like comparatively slow speed (upto 3.1 Mbps). In such scenario the option left with EVDo brands would be to further lower the tariff and thus attract price conscious customers for whom 3G looks costly. These products would appeal to customers for whom cost is more important than the higher speed.

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