How to get 3G speed on 2G connection

3G service offers services like high speed broadband, video calling & Mobile Tv etc. The high speed wireless broadband is most sought after of these all by 3G customers. But currently the 3G services are a bit costlier and that is the reason why mass migration from 3G to 2G has not taken place.

But here is a trick one can use 3G like speed on 2G connection if residing in a area where your mobile service provider has 3G connectivity.This trick may not always work but if you are lucky it may work. I tried it on Airtel and MTNL & BSNL connections and in all cases it has worked.

Below given are the steps to be followed:

  • Go to settings in data card / mobile and select UMTS preferred, so that your data card chooses 3G Network
  • Select the WAP/GPRS setting of the service provider as default setting. Do not choose 3G APN as default.
  • Now try connecting, if you get connected on 3G network with WAP?GPRS settings you will get 3G speed and will be charged on 2G data rates only.
  • Now you recharge with Rs.98/99 unlimited 2G recharge coupons and enjoy high speed internet 2G connection.
Note: If 3G network is weak in your area, then select UMTS/WCDMA network only. This will prevent frequent network switch from 3G to 2g.
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