How to use mobile SIM in Data card for internet ?

Wireless data is gaining popularity in India. With the launch of 3G ,the penetration will further increase. Sometimes if our regular data card SIM is not working or when in roaming, we may think of using our normal mobile SIM for  accessing internet through data card , if our data card is not SIM / Network locked.

If we are sure that our data card is not network locked then we can use any operator’s SIM and keep changing to get the benefit of better tariffs prevailing at any point of time.

If you want to do that here are few things you need to do to get started.

1. Network Selection :After inserting new SIM in the data card and inserting in USB port of PC, go to the settings of device software interface. Set the network selection in automatic mode, so that it automatically selects the network. You can go for manual network selection as well if you want to choose any specific network (2G or 3G).

2. APN Settings:

Settings profile need to be created for the operator whose SIM is being used. The detailed steps for each operator are being provided  here. Click on ‘New’ button  to make a new profile and fill in the details in respective fields as mentioned in the table as per your mobile operator. The screen shot given below will give a complete picture.

Operator Dial No User Name Password APN
Vodafone *99# <blank> <blank> www
Airtel *99# <blank> <blank>
Aircel *99# <blank> <blank> aircelgprs
Idea Cellular *99# <blank> <blank> intenet
Reliance *99# <blank> <blank> rcomnet or smartnet
Tata *99# <blank> <blank> TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
MTNL *99# <blank> <blank>
BSNL *99# <blank> <blank> bsnlnet
Videocon *99# <blank> <blank>

Once done you may set the profile in default category, so that it automatically takes this setting for connecting.

data card settings


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