Best 3G data plan for roaming

All the operators who got spectrum have launched their 3G services in almost all the circles and have expanded very fast covering most of the towns in any circle. With this now customers can carry their broadband connection where ever they go and thus need not hanker searching   cybercafe in a new city.

But beware , using 3G in roaming can be very costly and if you are not aware of the tariff here is an eye opener which will leave you gasping.

Few Facts for 3G data charges in roaming:

  • If you have subscribed  a data plan, that will not work in roaming for most of the operators except one.
  • While in roaming you will be charged as pay as you go tariff which is 10 paise/10 KB for most of the operators which comes out to Rs. 10/ MB.
The best tariff offer available for 3G data in roaming in India is being offered by MTNL in Delhi & Mumbai circles. 
What Makes MTNL Cheapest:
  • No difference in roaming & home circle rate. The normal home circle rates are applicable in roaming as well.
  •  Even pay as you go rates (the applicable rate when no data plan is subscribed) is the lowest in India (1 paise/10KB). This rate is applicable in roaming as well. Even BSNL has raised its rates recently to make it 4paise/10 KB.
  • There is an option of unlimited download plan without any FUP for Rs.1650/month. No other operator has truly unlimited download plan. Even BSNL doesn’t have.
So if you are a frequent roamer, you can save a lot with MTNL 3G. Since it offers roaming through BSNL network and since BSNL has 3G license for all circles , it has widest coverage too.
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