MNP Data: Gainers & losers as on 31st Aug,11

The MNP race which began in the month of Januray this year on PAN India basis has resulted in lot of churn of customers so far. The MNP data as on 31st August, 2011 shows that Idea has gained maximum so far followed by Vodafone & Airtel. The worst sufferers of MNP is Reliance CDMA which has lost most followed by BSNL GSM, Rel GSM & Tata CDMA.

This data reveals that the CDMA has lost its charm over GSM mobile telephony and whatever little charm it may have is on account of CDMA data service which give fast download at affordable rates than 3G.

The Idea cellular gaining more than the Airtel & Vodafone is little bit of surprise as the later too are perceived to be more strong brand than the Idea cellular. The high decible social campaigning by the Idea cellular might have done the trick.

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