Airtel introduces ‘Smartbyte’ to offer additional broadband usage at lower rates

Bharti Airtel has introduced a new offer ‘Smartbyte’ for its broadband users where customers after exceeding their free data usage can buy additional data in bulk. Smartbyte offers its customers an  option to buy additional data  at a fixed price as compared to  the existing process of paying for every megabyte of additional usage. Generally customers are charged  per  Megabyte(MB) wise that is downloaded after the free usage but under the new scheme Airtel broadband users can  choose from packs starting at Rs 99 for 1 GB to Rs 1,499 for 50 GB. This will help users to bring their expenses down for additional data usage and get an option to  buy additional data at more economical rates depending on their usage. Suppose earlier a customer was paying 20p/MB for additional data then for 1 GB data usage he would shell out Rs 200 but now with new offer he can save  50% if he purchases 1 GB for Rs 99 and that too at the same broadband speed he has subscribed.

Airtel Smartbytes

Airtel customers just need to  just log on to from their DSL user id and opt for their choice of additional data usage pack anytime for the remainder of their monthly billing cycle. Airtel broadband customers can keep a track of their internet usage, alerting them to their monthly high speed data transfer limit, the GB’s (usage) left in their account and the number of days remaining in their billing cycle.

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