No Idea,Get Idea fetches Effie Award for Idea Cellular

For quite some time, the brand campaigns of Idea cellular have yielded good result for the brand in terms of dragging customer attention ,increasing recall and generating positive brand preference. No Idea, Get Idea, India 3G pe Busy are classic campaigns which have successfully achieved the campaign objective. The success of campaigns is reflected in the MNP gains made by the company. The company has gained more than any other operators out of MNP.

Idea Cellular has won Effie award for its brand campaigns the honor which ratifies the quality of campaigns. Idea bagged the Effies Gold and Silver 2011 for the ‘No Idea-Get Idea’ and ‘Break the language Barrier’ brand campaigns respectively.   The Effies honor communications initiatives that have proven their strong effectiveness with consumers.   Idea took the lead in making consumers aware about MNP through a series of, ‘No Idea Get Idea’ ads highlighting its pan-India network offering seamless connectivity across the length and breadth of the country; affordable and relevant products and service offerings; accessible and humane customer care where one doesn’t need to wait for long to talk to an agent; accurate billing systems; voice clarity and no call drops. ‘Break the Language Barrier’, highlighted the effective usage of mobile telephony services to overcome language barriers that exist in the Indian multi-lingual society.

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