Idea launches ‘Idea Lifeline- Emergency Talktime Credit service’ in MH & Goa circle

Idea cellular has launched emergency talktime credit service for prepaid mobile customers in Maharastra & Goa circle. Dubbed as Idea Lifeline, this service enables a customer to get talktime credit whenever they want to make an urgent call and do not have talktime balance.

In India a good number of prepaid mobile subscribers especially in rural areas oftenly face situations when they want to make one urgent call and do not have balance to connect. Based on this insight many of the mobile operators have come up with this innovative idea of offering credit balance which gets adjusted on further recharge.

The Idea lifeline is an offering which givesĀ  customer the credit balance of Rs.3 at a time and the same gets adjusted whenever the customer makes recharge. In order to avail the customers need to make call on 53567 (Toll Free) from their mobile phones.

The services shall be made available as to customers who are over 90 days old with the Idea network. With over 14.5 million mobile subscribers in Maharashtra, Idea has the largest base of prepaid users in the state.

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