Aircel launches new affordable 3G Data Plans – Pocket Internet Smart

Leading telco, Aircel is set to introduce new 3G Data plans through its “Pocket Internet Smart” 3G services. Aircel which stated its Pocket Internet Services in India got popular among internet users in India, the new 3G Data plans are positioned with an aim to gain the same market segment. Aircel Pocket Internet Smart will offer unlimited internet access on their 3G smartphones and dongles. The plans are however restricted with fair usage cap and speed in reduced to 128kbps after fair usage limit. It will also for the first time, offer, unlimited 3G and 2G data on a single recharge and the plans will be device agnostic.

Aircel 3G Tariff – Pocket Internet Smart :

Price Validity High Speed Data Data Transfer on 3G & 2G network in Validity High Speed Pre – FuP Speed post FUP
7 1 50 MB Unlimited 3.6 Mbps 128 kbps
18 3 100 MB Unlimited 3.6 Mbps 128 kbps
37 7 200 MB Unlimited 3.6 Mbps 128 kbps
67 15 250 MB Unlimited 3.6 Mbps 128 kbps
128 30 500 MB Unlimited 3.6 Mbps 128 kbps
198 30 1 GB Unlimited 3.6 Mbps 128 kbps
399 30 2 GB Unlimited 3.6 Mbps 128 kbps
697 30 5 GB Unlimited 7.2 Mbps 128 kbps
997 30 10 GB Unlimited 7.2 Mbps 128 kbps

Here are 10 reasons why the Aircel’s Pocket Internet Smart would help the consumers:

  1. 3G is currently 10X more expensive than the 2G offering.
  2. Currently, a customer needs to buy separate packs to browse on 2G and 3G.
  3.  As of now most 3G packs in the market allow limited browsing, i.e. post free usage user is charged at 10p/10KB that effectively translate into INR10/MB leading to huge bills!
  4. There is no availability of daily, weekly or sachet unlimited 3G packs for intermittent/ casual usage.
  5. With the current 3G/2G packs, the customer has to keep toggling between 2G and 3G on his phone so that he doesn’t end up using his expensive 3G data in 2G network. With the new plans, he no longer needs to do this.
  6. Dongle plans from Aircel now start at as low as 198 per month. This is also an unlimited plan and the customer can freely consume data without worrying about the bill.
  7. The new dongle plans are also a major deviation from the current set up. Unlimited plans from Aircel start at below Rs 200. There is a possibility of using Aircel card on existing dongles (which could be a Micromax/ Huawei/ etc.) and benefit with these new plans.
  8. For the first time, Aircel has come out with low priced plans, which don’t have a rider – there’s not even a speed rider. Even the lowest plan, at Rs. 8, comes with a 3.6Mbps speed.
  9. All the plans can be used on roaming. So a customer moving to a 2G area can consume data seamlessly. Also, even if he moves to a 2G circle, he can continue consuming data seamlessly (at 2G speeds).
  10. At and above Rs. 198, the customer can freely move his plan from mobile to dongle to tab etc. There is no restrictions on type of device – which is currently there on every operator – including Aircel.
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