How to convert Windows laptop into WiFi Hotspot ?

Today my WiFi router malfunctioned and stopped connecting to my Broadband ISP network. In my case, my Broadband connection is terminated in WiFi Router, enables connecting my Laptop, Android mobile device and PC etc through wirelessly. As Wifi router gone faulty, so I wired the Broadband connection to my Laptop and managed to get online. But the convenience of connecting my various devices through WiFi is always preferred. So I thought if I can convert my Laptop in to a Wireless (WiFi) Hotspot may solve the issue temporarily; and this will let me access intenet through my other devices using WiFi.

Google always comes in help and I found a solution, mHotspot –   a Free Windows application which turns Laptop to a WiFi hotspot. mHotspot is installation free, secure, very easy to configure and it auto-detects active internet connections available for sharing i.e. LAN, Ethernet,3G/4G and even Wifi. You can also restrict the maximum number of devices which can access WiFi. The simple GUI shows connected users with IP and MAC Address. The application makes a secure Wifi coverage with WPA2 PSK password security. You can access the WiFi from your Android phones, ipads, PDAs, tablet-pcs and other wifi supported devices. mHotspot can be used as repeater to enhance the existing WiFi connection.


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