Vodafone adds device security product for corporate customers

Vodafone today launched an innovative product “Secure Device Manager” for its Corporate customers. Nowadays, people (employees) prefer accessing company’s data through their own devices like smartphones and tablets. Thus securing all such devices and data is always placed on top of Company’s Security and Data policies. Assessing such demand encourages Vodafone to ensure a solution through its Secure Device Manager which will enable a security cover for company’s all the devices and hence the data.  Vodafone Secure Device Manager will let people bring their smart devices to work without compromising their company’s security.

Vodafone will provide a secure management console which will empower Corporates remotely access Company’s device estate. Further, Company’s IT department can  remotely manage security policies, device settings, certificates, applications, operating system etc. Most importantly, the console extends support to remotely lock and wipe out all the data and information in event of device loss.

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