Airtel launches ‘Emergency Alert Service’

Airtel has introduced a new value added service ‘Emergency Alert Service’ for its mobile customers. With this service customers can alert and  inform their near and dear ones in the times of emergency. This service will allow  mobile users to send an alert with their geographic location to  10 family/friends  simultaneously with just a call, facilitating an access to easy and quick help. Airtel users can even send a ‘SAFE’ SMS indication to a pre-defined group of 10 family members and friends and keep them informed of their well-being especially when out alone and during any natural calamity or disaster with just one click. Such services can be very helpful during emergency situations like tsunami, terror attack, earthquake, cyclone or disasters like fire & accidents.


  • Activate service by dialing 55100 and follow menu options. You will be charged Rs 30/- for 30 days
  • Identify your closest 10 loved ones by adding their number by messaging START <MobileNumber1>, <MobileNumber2>, <MobileNumber3> up to 10 numbers

Inform them of your safety

  • SMS SAFE to 55100 to reassure loved ones that you are safe

Send an emergency alert

  • When in an emergency and unable to talk, give a call to 55100. Your family will receive voice and SMS alerts with your location details.
  • Need help urgently and cannot decide whom to call? SMS HELP to 55100 and send alert to all your closest 10 loved ones


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