Troubleshoot WiFi settings for Android mobile phone / tablet

While connecting Android tablet or phone through WiFi (Wireless Internet), one may come across unique problems. After following through all the user guide and configuration steps, still problem persists. If you are facing such problems, keep on reading to get the solution. Sometimes, an attempt to connect WiFi we struck at an error stating – “Obtaining IP Address“.  This error occurs when the WiFi router / modem to which we are connecting is not able to allot an IP address to the connecting tablet or mobile phone. Android mobile phones or tablets are by default configured in DHCP mode. DHCP mode ensures allocation of an IP address dynamically by wireless router. In order to solve the above problem we will have to configure our Android mobile or tablet to “use Static IP”. Just carry out following steps in your Android handset or Tablet.

Settings to fix “Obtaining IP Address” problem in  Android Handset / Tablet

Go to Settings => “Wireless and Netwroks” => Click Left Button and choose Advanced option

In “IP Settings” tick “Use Static IP” and fill following values.

IP address : (instead of 50 you can put any value between 2-255, make sure it is not clashing with any other device connected with same router)

Gateway: (Wireless router IP)


Network Prefix Length : 24

DNS1: (I am using Google DNS address here, you may also choose the one given by your ISP)


Settings to fix WiFi “error” problem in Android Phone / tablet

android wifi error problem

Sometimes, while attempting “turn on wifi” we get “error”. Mostly on restarting the phone solves the issue. But there is simple fix to this problem. We can reload wifi driver without restating the phone. Just dial *#*#526#*#* and it will reload the wifi driver. Now try to connect the wifi and it should work.

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