Create your home LAN using existing electric wiring and Power Ethernet Adapters

The concept of having Home LAN with proper wired Local Area Network and switches is now matter of past. Nowadays we majorly use WiFi at homes and offices to get connected to Internet. The data and files sharing among two or more devices is taken care by cloud storage like Dropbox. Even though WiFi is preferred option, the wireless internet coverage is mainly depends on quality of WiFi router. Many times in a  big house having two or more rooms, installation of more then one WiFi router is required for better wireless network coverage. The multiple WiFi routers ensure extend-ability of WiFi coverage across the premises. This is being achieved through physically connecting these WiFi Routers using LAN Cables, again a painful task. Here is an alternative.

Using Powerline Ethernet Adapters you can use your existing electric wiring and create your Home LAN. These Powerline LAN Adapters can be plugged in to any ordinary Power outlet to extend the existing DSL Broadband connection to electric socket of any other room of house. These devices leverage existing electric wires to connect the networking devices across the house. See the diagram below. In room-1 the broadband router is connected to power socket using a Powerline Ethernet adapter; and in room-2 a Gaming Console is connected in similar way sharing the internet.


There are many OEM vendors supplying such devices, Cisco, ZyXEL, NetGear are some of them. Just see the following diagram illustrating home LAN creation ZyXEL PLA4101 Powerline Adapter.

Create your home LAN using existing electric wiring and Power Adapters

Image Source : ZyXEL | Also see User Guide for more idea

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