MTNL slashes speed in Unlimited 450 & Combo Unlimited 550 Broadband Plans as promotional offer ends.

Update : MTNL Mumbai restores 2Mbps night speed in Unlimited 450 and 550 Broadband plans

The party is finally over for MTNL broadband customers of Unlimited 450 & Combo Unlimited 550 Broadband plans as MTNL has  withdrawn the year long promotional offer that offered higher download speed of 1 Mbps during evening and 2 Mbps during night hours.

The normal download speed in these plans was 512 Kbps for the entire day but MTNL, as a promotional offer, started offering 1 Mbps in evening hours and 2 Mbps during night hours. The promotional offer, which started in Nov’12 , was constantly extended till it saw its end on 30th Sep’13 for Unlimited 450 & Combo Unlimited 550 plans.Although the offer is extended for Unlimited 999, Unlimited 1599 and Unlimited Combo 995 for another   month.  

Customers of these two plans had got accustomed to higher speeds and thought it would become a regular feature as it was constantly extended for the last one year. Withdrawal of this promotional offer is going to attract lot of complaints and ire from its existing customer base as they were getting good speed at attractive prices.

We hope, MTNL will realize that anything promotional should remain for a shorter time and customer expectations increase when you extend the benefits. It will be interesting to see if MTNL witnesses some increase in surrender of broadband because of complete absence of understanding of consumer behavior.

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