After landline & broadband tariff increase MTNL goes after mobile tariffs.

MTNL Mumbai, which has increased landline and broadband tariffs from 1st Apr’14, has now enhanced tariffs of its mobile services as well from 2nd Apr’14 for a period of 60 days. It has brought changes in prepaid top-ups, special tariff vouchers as well first top-ups(FTU). In prepaid top-up segment MTNL has slashed talk time while in case of STVs and FTUs it has increased tariffs and reduced validity.

MTNL has also introduced a new prepaid STV of Rs 63. It offers call charges of 1p/2 sec for on-net calls which includes its Delhi network , 1p/sec for all mobile calls and 2p/sec for all landline calls. The validity of STV 63 is 60 days.

First Top Ups

  • FTU 91,41 and 88 will now offer calls to landline at 2p/sec instead of 1p/sec.This includes local as well STD landline calls. The new validity of  FTU 91,41 and 88 is 120 days , 60 days and 90 days respectively and freebies for one month is 300 MB,200 MB and 100 MB respectively.
  • FTU 62 and 88 will now offer all local calls at 40p/min and STD at 45p/min. Both these FTUs now offer reduced validity of 60 days which was 365 days earlier. Free data usage of 300 MB and 500 MB have been included in FTU 62 & 88 respectively.

Special Tariff Vouchers

  • Plan Voucher 45 will now offer all landline calls at 2p/sec and come with reduced validity of 60 days. In Plan Voucher 48 the new validity is 90 days with no changes in call charges.
  • New call charges for STV 39 & STV 47 are 40p/min for local and 45p/min for STD calls. Validity for STV 39 is 25 days and for STV 47 it is 60 days. STV 47 will also come with 100 SMS for MTNL Network.



Revised talktime for Prepaid Top-up are  as follows

MRP(Rs.) Talktime
Existing Revised
40 33.1 32
130 125 120
750 800 790
1000 1100 1070
2200 2500 2400


MTNL publice notice

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