Are you ready for Open Wireless Movement ?

Recently Tata Docomo announced their plan to make WiFi Zone covering 4Km area of Connaught Place, New Delhi. In Mumbai also State-owned MTNL is planning to deploy its WiFi Hotspots covering whole of the Queen’s Necklace – Marine Drive area. However, redundant investments on making WiFi zones by operators to enable wireless internet connectivity at popular public places,  is the one main issue which I hope can be solved by “Open Wireless Movement“.

Are you ready for Open Wireless Movement

The Open Wireless Movement is a coalition of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fight for the Future, Mozilla, Free Press and others working to develop new wireless technologies which will enable Internet subscribers to portion off their wireless networks for guests and the public. The technology will strictly focus on implementing security, privacy protection and uncompromised access quality.

To make it simple, using these technologies a user can freely allow other people/guests to use his WiFi – Wireless Connection bandwidth. This will help people to use the connection for essential tasks like checking mails or updating facebook status etc. However, heavy usage activities like video downloading will be barred. Further, the Mobile Operators are investing in WiFi Hotspots to offload their mobile 3G data traffic. The Open Wireless will be helpful in such situations wherein all users on globe are freely crowdsourcing their WiFi bandwidth to others for essential activities.

The whole idea is stated on their website as below :

Imagine a future with ubiquitous open Internet. We envision a world where, in any urban environment:

  • Dozens of open networks are available at your fingertips.
  • Tablets, watches, and other new devices can automatically join these networks to do nifty things.
  • The societal expectation is one of sharing, and, as a result, wireless Internet is more efficient.
  • The false notion that an IP address could be used as a sole identifier is finally a thing of the past, creating a privacy-enhancing norm of shared networks.

There are some concerns about misuse of bandwidth by freeloaders, network security,  illegal activities by guest user, slow internet connection due to sharing etc. The Open Wireless Movement has answered these questions in their FAQ section. Further the group will very soon present their “sharing-friendly wifi router firmware” which will technically address all these issues.

Do comment about what is your take or concerns on such an innovative idea ?

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Zainul lbad is a management graduate and tech enthusiast. He shares keen interest in exploring mobile gadgets, telecom technologies and applications.