STD calls to get attractive as carriage charges are reduced.

Subsequent to making reduction in IUC charges telecom regulator TRAI has now decided to revise domestic carriage charges as well. Domestic carriage charges are basically charges for carrying call made between inter circles and telecom operators route such calls through National Long Distance Operator. Most of the big telecom operators have own NLD network while others depend on NLDO for carrying their calls to other circles across India. TRAI has revised the ceiling of domestic carriage charge from 65p/min to 35p/min which will enable telecom operators to reduce their bill on carriage charges and make STD calls attractive for its customers. Since 2006 ceiling of 65p/min had continued and TRAI has suggested that it will further review these charges in 2017-18. TRAI has already slashed IUC charges for mobile calls from 20p/min to 14p/min and for fixed networks it is reduced to zero .

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