Internet Users to double by 2018 with More Older People,Rural Residents & Women users: BCG Report

India’s population of netizens is expected to reach 550mn in 2018 according to recent report by global consultancy group BCG titled ‘Digital India: Insights for Marketers and Media Companies’. The number of Internet users stood at 200mn in 2014 and by 2018 apprx 40% population i.e 550mn will have access to Internet according to the report. It suggests that Internet will contribute $200 bn to India’s GDP which is 5% of the GDP by 2020. Massive growth in mobile connections, rapid proliferation of smartphones and availability of variety of content are the key factors for changing landscape of media consumption. The key findings of this report are mentioned below.

  • By 2018 54% of the internet users will be aged 25 or more as compared to 40% of users in 2013. Older users will have more disposable income which may translate into enhanced degree of e-commerce.
  • It estimates that apprx of the netizens will come from smaller towns and villages by 2018 which was 29% in 2013. This will make easier for marketers to reach out to rural markets via online distribution and wider product availability.
  • More users of internet will be women as compared to current level of 25% participation by women in 2013. They are  expected to form more than 33% of the total internet users by 2018 which effectively means that there will be increased gender parity in internet economy as they control 44% of household spending in India.
  • In the year 2013 internet access from mobile stood at 60%-70% which will grow to 70%-80% in 2018 and apprx 70% of the rural users access internet via mobile.

Marketers will have to analyse this paradigm shift in media consumption and strategise accordingly to reach out to their target segment and create innovative offerings and media planning.

Download the full report here: BCG_Digital India Insights for Marketers and Media Companies_April 2015

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