MTNL launches Home Wifi Broadband plan in Mumbai

MTNL has launched two new Broadband plans in Mumbai starting from Rs.250 per month. The new plans “MTNL Home WiFi 350” and “Lite 250” will offer 3GB of free data usage per month. Usage charges of 10 p/MB will be applicable after 3GB, however bill will capped to Rs.750 for Home Wifi 350 and Rs.800 for Lite 250 plan. The customer will be able to use unlimited free data usage at 512Kbps speed after Bill CAP. Customers opting for Home WiFi 350 plan will get ADSL Wifi router from MTNL for which one-time upfront charges are Rs.600. Monthly Router charges are included in Rs.350. Lite 250 plan customers will have to purchase their own ADSL Router. Data topups of 1GB (Rs.100), 3GB (Rs.200) and 6GB (Rs.300) are also available to retain 2Mbps speed after Bill Cap. These plans are launched on promotional basis for 90 days effective from 15th April 2015.


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