TRAI recommends Number 112 for single emergency number

Telecom regulator TRAI has released its recommendations on  setting up of single number based integrated Emergency Communication & Response system( IECRS) which aims to eradicate multiple emergency numbers for different situations. In March 2013 TRAI had issued consultation paper on this subject and after meeting different stakeholders such as state govt, ministry of home Affairs and National Disaster Management Authority. TRAI has selected number 112 as single emergency number for the entire country. Even calls made to existing emergency numbers such as 100, 101,102 and 108 will be re-routed to 112 initially and subsequently these numbers will be withdrawn. Calls made to 112 will land at Public Answering point which will be similar to call center . TRAI has recommended that location of the caller will be provided to IECRS by the telecom operators. Also telecom networks will prioritize calls made to 112 and SMS based access will also be available. It has also proposed that there should be a multi sectoral agency which have representatives from MHA , DoT, Dept of Electronics & Information Technology , Ministry of Health & Family welfare, Ministry of Women & Child Dept and other related  centre and state agencies for setting up IECRS in the country.

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