Mobile users to get regular data usage info from Operators.

Telecom regulator TRAI , acting on the consumers’ complaints related to data charges and data consumption, has notified new norms for telecom operators via latest amendment in Telecom Consumers Protection (Eighth Amendment) Regulations 2015. Telecom operators will now be required to provide information to mobile data users regarding data consumption after every 10MB of usage via SMS or USSD. This will not be applicable for users of special data packs i.e. combo packs, STV or Add On Packs. Mobile customers who do not wish to get such information will be provided an option to opt out. For mobile data users who have activated STVs, Combo Voucher or Add-on packs will be informed about data consumption after data usage of 50% , 90% and 100% or when data balance is 500MB, 100MB and 10MB. Such users will also be informed about the data tariffs applicable after the full consumption of data available on their  STV/Combo Voucher/ Add on packs. These regulations from TRAI will come into force from 1st Nov 2015.

In the same amendment TRAI has made it mandatory for telecom operators to take explicit consent for activating or deactivating data service of mobile users. For this purpose a new toll free short code 1925 will be created by operators to receive users’ request for data activation or deactivation. Currently almost all mobile connections are pre-activated for data service. Telecom operators will also enable IVR system for the same purpose. Mobile customers can activate data service on their mobile by sending SMS START to 1925 or deactivate by sending STOP to 1925. This part of amendment will be implemented by operators from 1st Sep’15.

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