MTNL Mumbai added new Broadband plans

MTNL has launched new high speed broadband plans in Mumbai. The three new plans are “DSL 6Mbps 900”,  “DSL 10Mbps 1010” and “DSL 16Mbps 1500”. These plans offer unlimited usage with fair usage capping as detailed below.

Plan name Monthly Charges Download Speed
DSL 6Mbps 900 Rs. 900 6 Mbps up to 20 GB and 512Kbps afterwards.
DSL 10Mbps 1010 Rs. 1,010 10 Mbps up to 20 GB and 512Kbps afterwards.
DSL 16Mbps 1500 Rs. 1,500 16 Mbps up to 50 GB and 512Kbps afterwards.

Upload speed will be 512Kbps in all above plans. Customers may also use Data Topup after fair usage to continue with high speed.

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