MTNL revises Unlimited Broadband Plan rates in Mumbai

MTNL has revised broadband plan rates in Mumbai. The rate revision is in terms of more speed and less cost to customers. The existing Unlimited 2Mbps and 4Mbps speed has been doubled for existing and new customers. Thus, now 2Mbps Unlimited plan customers are getting 4Mbps speed at same rate i.e. Rs.4999 p.m. Similarly, 4Mbps Unlimite plan customers are getting 8Mbps speed at same rate of Rs.9999.

  • MTNL DSL-Unlimited-4999 Plan -> Earlier speed 2Mbps , Increased Speed 4Mbps
  • MTNL DSL-Unlimited-9999 Plan -> Earlier speed 4Mbps , Increased Speed 8Mbps

MTNL also launched new Unlimited plan offering 2Mbps speed at Rs.2499 p.m. The plan is available from 1st March’16. To book customers may call 1500 or visit nearest MTNL Customer Care Center.

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