Mobile Subscriber base crosses 103.4 cr in Apr’16.

India’s total telecom base touched 105.9 cr in Apr’16 increased from 105.8 cr in Mar’16. The overall tele-density in India declined slightly from 83.36 at the end of Mar’16 to 83.32 at the end of Apr’16. The Urban Tele-density declined from 154.01 to 153.14 , whereas the Rural Tele-density increased from 51.37 to 51.67

In the month of April growth of wireless subscribers witnessed a dip compared to growth in earlier months. Net additions of just  6.22 lakh was achieved in mobile segment owing to disconnections of non-active mobile numbers from few operators. In March mobile industry added 6.97 mn customers while 8.7 mn in Feb’16. Videocon registered net loss of more than 1.4 mn  customers followed by Tata Docomo ( 3.9 lakh net loss) and Idea Cellular(3.8 lakh net loss). Interestingly state run telecom PSU BSNL had highest number of net additions with 1.1 mn customers taking its total base to 87.4 mn. BSNL’s performance in mobile space continues to improve month on month. Market leader Bharti Airtel garnered 9.7 lakh customers and leads Indian mobile industry with subscriber base of  252.2 mn .

India teledensity- Apr 2016

Net Additions- Apr 2016

Wireless Market Share - Apr 2016

Wireline subscriber base declined from 25.23 mn at the end of Mar’16 to 25.04 mn at the end of Apr-16. Net decline in the wireline subscriber base was 0.19 mn with a monthly decline rate of 0.75%.The share of urban and rural subscribers in total wireline subscribers was 83.10% and 16.90% respectively at the end of Apr-16.  The Overall Wireline Tele-density declined from 1.99 at the end of Mar-16 to 1.97 at the end of Apr-16. Urban Wireline Tele-density and Rural Wireline Tele-density were workout as 5.25 and 0.48 respectively.

Wireline - Apr 2016

In broadband segment subscriber base increased from 149.75 mn in Mar’16 to 151.09 mn in Apr’16 with a monthly growth rate of 0.89%. Wired broadband base increased to 17.05 mn from 16.98 mn while wireless broadband base grew from 132.24 mn to 133.49 mn in same month.Broadband -Apr 2016

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