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  • Public Telephone Booth or Advertising Space?

    Public Telephone Booth or Advertising Space?

    At Delhi Metro Railway stations there are many Public telephone booths installed. These public telephone booths are from Reliance Communication. Similarly at Mumbai local railway stations, Tata Indicom has installed public telephone booths. But in today’s time when every one is having mobile phone and mobile call rates are so low why would anyone make calls from Public telephone booth. These may be used in emergencies when one has run out of balance. But such situations occur very occasionally, in today’s time of per second tariff. So does it make any business case for service providers to install public telephone booth and maintaining it with the sole aim of generating revenue from it? No, it’s evident that these public telephone booths have been installed not for generating revenue from these rather for dragging eyeballs and enhance brand visibility.

  • RCOM Joins The League With 3G Webpage Launch

    RCOM Joins The League With 3G Webpage Launch

    And now Reliance communication too has launched its 3G webpage hinting that it’ll launch 3G services very soon. This webpage has all the beginner guide kind of info where the inquisitive customers can get answers to the queries on what 3G can do. The webpage talks about the features like Video calling, Mobile Tv, Mobile broadband, social networking,Gaming etc. It has an FAQ section which clears basic doubts like whether existing 2G sim will work,and how to know whether your handset is latched to 3G or 2G network.

  • RCOM Launches SMS Based Mobile Conferencing Service

    RCOM Launches SMS Based Mobile Conferencing Service

    Reliance communication breaks the handset support barrier by launching SMS based Mobile conferencing service for its GSM & CDMA customers. This service is an extension to its existing Call conferencing service “Grouptalk ” . This existing Grouptalk service is an application based service which works on Java, Brew & BlackBerry OS platform only. Due to this the service has limited appeal as majority of customers with basic handsets remain left out.

    Now with this new SMS based Mobile conferencing service ,even customers with basic handsets can form groups and have call conferencing with the group members which can have maximum 10 members including the initiator.

  • RCOM Announces Live Streaming of ICC World Cup 2011

    RCOM Announces Live Streaming of ICC World Cup 2011

    Reliance Communication , “The Global Partner ” for ICC World cup 2011, has announced the launch of plethora of VAS services for its 115 million GSM & CDMA customers across 24000 towns and 6 Lakh villages across India. Reliance Mobile is all set to launch a host of services that provides exciting audio and video content on both 3G and 2G platforms during the ICC CWC 2011.

    Reliance Mobile will go LIVE with all ICC CWC 2011 matches through its already live specially created ICC zone on R-World VAS platform. Reliance Mobile customers will be able to keep a track of the 49 ICC CWC 2011 matches via WAP and SMS Alerts. They will be able to watch live stream of match highlights videos, watch previews and match round-ups, and download wallpapers and ringtones, anytime anywhere, with their handsets on both GSM and CDMA networks.