Connect Internet in laptop through Mobile

If you have GPRS/3G activated on your cellphone and using internet on small screen of mobile,just think how it would be if you can use internet on big screen of your laptop/PC with the same connection on your mobile using your mobile as modem.Isn’t it great.You can afford to ignore /drop the idea of purchasing a wireless data card for connecting your laptop to internet if you are planning to.Here is the simple procedure which you can follow to install mobile modem on your PC/laptop and can start using internet.

In the below given procedure ,windows Xp OS and MTNL Trump ,Dolphin 3G/GPRS connection has been taken as an example .You need to get some settings from your service provider.


  • You should have GPRS/3G connection activated on your connection.It’s better to choose unlimited plan from your operator,if you are planning to use it much.Enquire it with you operator and subscribe if you do not have.
  • You should have GPRS/3G enabled handset
  • Software CD which you got alongwith your handset
  • Your handset and PC/Laptop should have bluetooth if you want to connect through bluetooth.If it does not have data cable can be used to connect

Installing Mobile Modem:

  • First you load the mobile softwares on your PC from the CD
  • Once the necessary softwares are installed connect your phone through data cable
  • When your computer says hardware is installed and ready to use then follow below given procedure
  • Go to Start > Settings>control panel> double click on phone & modem
  • New pop up window this window got to Modems tab and select the phone modem which would be visible there.
  • click on the properties and then on diagnostics
  • click on query modem in new window and wait for some time to get response
  • You should see that AT command SUCCESS in the command response text area. If doesnt get any response check your phone or contact your phone manufacturer.
  • in some telecom operators case extra initialization commands are required,check with your operator call centre for this for MTNL,Mumbai 3G/GPRS below given commands should be put in advanced window.

for postpaid, enter at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”” in the extra initialization commands

for prepaid, enter at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”” in the extra initialization commands

you need to put above given commands in advanced window once query modem is succesfull (For MTNL only).All operators may not require this step.

Now your modem is successfully installed.and now you need to create dial up connection

Creating dial up connection:

  • Go to Network connection in control panel click on it
  • go to create new connection
  • Now you see a pop up wizard which can help you to create new connection ,click next
  • select connect to the internet & click  next
  • Now select Set up my connection manually & press next
  • select connect using dial-up connection and click next
  • Now choose your modem which you have configured and press next
  • Enter ISP name ( in case of MTNL it’s  MTNL_GPRS) & click Next
  • Enter user name and password ,take it from your service provider in case of MTNL it’s Username :MTNL,Pswd:MTNL123 and click next
  • enter the isp phone number (for MTNL:   *99#)
  • Now check the create a short-cut on desktop , click finish & now u r ready to browse the internet

One dial up shortcut would have been created on your desktop,just click on that to connect to internet using your mobile as modem.

Following the same procedure you can connect your PC with internet from mobile  using bluetooth pairing too.

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