Connect Internet on Laptop via Bluetooth Mobile

If your mobile handset ,Laptop has bluetooth and you have 3G/GPRS connection,then you can use internet on laptop using mobile’s internet connection and that too without data cable.You can use internet wirelessly by bluetooth pairing.Here is how:(For windows XP)

  • Keep the bluetooth of Mobile on and ensure that it’s discoverable
  • Go to My Bluetooth places in “My Computer” of PC
  • Click on “View Device in reach” in new window
  • Click on”Search devices in Range”
  • Icon for your handset should appear
  • Click on the icon and it’ll show the services available.
  • One of the service option would be Dial up networking on phone
  • Click on Dial up networking
  • Connection window will appear
  • put username ,password and dialing ┬ánumber (username,password,dial number differ from telecom service provider)
  • in properties just check whether bluetooth modem is selected
  • Click on dial it will get connected.

What is needed:

  • Bluetooth enabled phone & laptop.If your Laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth,you can purchase Bluetooth adapter for laptop
  • 3G/GPRS connection on Mobile.
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