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First of all, you must know how to download the latest version of UGW APK Download (Underworld Gang Wars APK) because many of you have been waiting for a long time to play this game. UGW Game (Underworld Gang Wars) is another Indian battle royale game.

Play the world’s best new multiplayer Battle Royale game now on your smartphone and take your gaming experience to the next level. UGW game is now available for Android and iOS devices, download UGW Apk today from our post.

ugw apk download


Underworld Gang Wars UGW game apk was created by Bengaluru-based game developer Mayhem Studios. The Underworld Gang Wars (UGW APK) game itself, a Battle Royale set in Bharat, was designed for gangsters. Underworld Gang Wars is a mobile game from Associate in Nursing with formal combat and survival license that supported the favorite conception of Battle Royale.

Jump onto the beautiful island and fight each other until the last man is left standing. Land at locations inspired by some of Bharat’s most picturesque and elegant locations. Devour Associate in Nursingd Heart on your enemies by blasting unique weapons with some indium.

Produce your methods for your gang and WIN the match. Wait, the actions don’t stop here, you will play SOLO, DUO, SQARD; otherwise, you will say together with your band. fight with different gangs and dominance in Dhantara. PLAY MATCHES Build your strategy to dominate your gang in Dhantara and rule the leaderboards while having a chance to be crowned Dawn of the Era, the highest and most exclusive title.

The name Royal Pass or Season Pass is not confirmed, but the Season Pass comes with new challenges, opportunities, and weapon skins.

Underworld Gang Wars Game Details

Name of GameUnderworld Gang Wars [UGW]
Hashtag#Kiskilega #underworldgangwars
Game APK SizeAvailable Soon
Made ByMayhem Studios
System Requirements2 GB Ram & Storage Space
UpdateUnderworld Gang Wars UGW Pre Registration
Release Date15 August 2022
AvailabilityAt the Play Store and iOS Store
Play Store LinksUGW Game

Why Underworld Gang Wars game is the best

The underworld Gang Wars (UGW) game comes with the main map known as Dhantara. To dominate during this map you will be using some distinctive weapons with Indian touches like Katta and Hammer.

Explore the map of Dhantara and some places in Indian painting, such as the stairway, the fort, and the station. Currently, the number of vehicles is not confirmed, but it is mentioned that there are Bike Classic 350 and a Land Rover. Game matches make your gang dominate in Dhantara to decree the leaderboard.

You have the opportunity to be the best Don of the time: the best and most exclusive title. Royal Pass OR Season Pass The name is not confirmed, however, the Season Pass returns with new challenges, opportunities, and weapon skins.

UGW APK Download

If you want to download UGW Game, go to the provided link. I know many of you want to play this game, but you can’t get the right file. So here I am adding the right UGW APK file for all of you just click the download button and play guys.

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Underworld Gang Wars Guns

The UGW game has a variety of small and medium assault rifles, snipers, pistols, and the very famous hatoda. The UGW apk simply shows the weapon M4 assault rifle in the game as Bgmi M416 and a new weapon is released BGMI Kar98 sniper rifle named EMILY 303. UGW Only shows the weapons in the game.

He is crazy because M4 likes Pubg or Bgmi on M416. Very excited about this game. Also today a new weapon is released, it is like pubg or bgmi Kar98, it is a sniper rifle named EMILY 303. Today again it reveals a new weapon named Sterling. it’s a machine gun like Thomson in bgmi.

Underground Gang Wars Map

Underworld Gang Wars Map is called “Dhantara” and it is located in India, where you can see the Maya River that divides the heart of the country into two parts. The Lands in the UGW game is inspired by some of the most famous and popular places in India.

ugw game map

The gangs on this map overlap in their territories. Now, it is easy to see how the people of Dhantara relate to each other. They name themselves based on a town, neighborhood, street or in a generic way. Here you can also see some locations whose names are given below.

Underground Gang Wars Game Features

This game has some heartwarming locations on the Dhantara map and Hindi words for the first time in a real war game. I love this game for its Indian touch. You can see the Ghats, the Maya River, Jhuggi-Jhopri, and the places below on the map.

  • Indian battle royal
  • Leaderboard based on world and country level
  • Some desi weapons like Hatuda
  • season updates
  • Weapons with fancy skins
  • Better weapon stability.

System Requirements For Underworld Gang Wars (UGW)

Minimum system requirements for UGW Game:

  • Minimum storage space: 2 GB free space
  • RAM – 2 GB of RAM memory space
  • A stable internet connection of at least 4G

Maximum system requirements for UGW APK File:

  • Storage space: More than 4 GB of free space for maps and additional graphics packages
  • RAM: 4 to 6 GB of RAM for a stable and perfect game
  • Stable Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G)

How to Download UGW APK+OBB File for Android

Follow all the steps below to download Android UGW Game APK + OBB from Underworld Gang Wars.

  • Open Google and search for or click on the provided link: Play Store
  • Click on the website, and wait for the site to open.
  • Click the “UGW Game Android Apk Download” button that appears.
  • Wait till the given file to download the Underworld Gang Wars APK game.
  • Once Ugw Apk + OBB is downloaded, install the game.
  • Play and enjoy the game ultimately.

How to install Underworld Gang Wars APK (UGW APK)

We provide all the details about installing Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) game download on your mobile device.

  • First of all, please download Underworld Gang Wars APK, also known as UGW APK, please download from our website =
  • After downloading the APK file, just open it!
  • Now, if your mobile asks you to enable “unknown sources”, go to settings -> security -> unknown sources, then just turn on “unknown sources” to install the apk file.
  • Now click the “Install” button
  • Now Your Underworld Gang Wars APK successfully installed on your mobile
  • Donate, Underworld Gang Wars APK and enjoy the game. Start the war with your gang.

How to Download UGW Game on Laptop or PC

  • First search for on Google. Click on the link given above
  • Scroll down and click the Download UGW button.
  • wait timer
  • Now click on UGW Download.
  • Wait for the game to download.
  • Install Underworld Gang Wars on Last and play the game.


Why is my UGW game getting stuck?

It may happen due to a broken APK file. To fix this problem, please uninstall the existing UGW app and install it from the Google Play Store.

Is Dhantara Underworld Gang Wars Map?

Yes, Dhantara is the new and latest launch map of the Underworld Gang Wars game. This is the new gang war location for games in India and the world.

What is the Underworld Gang Wars Official Website Link?

For the official website link of Underworld Gang Wars aka UGW game CLICK HERE

How To Download Underworld Gang Wars APK (UGWApk) For Android?

Download the game by the link given.
Now open the download application and click to install it.
Please wait until the installation.
after install. You can start playing this UGW game and fight it out with your gang.

Final Words

Download Underworld Gang Wars apk or ugw apk whatever you call it but this game will be very popular due to some big reasons you already mentioned. So many people are very excited about this game and many people try to compare this game with bgmi or other battle royal games. Now, how did you like the information about Underworld Gang Wars apk download aka ugw apk download by commenting below?

Disclaimer: We not associated in any way with the official game. This is a third-party website created by fans, our goal is to provide UGW games to all players who cannot install them from Google Play Store.

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